Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bouchercon VI - A Last Update

Bouchercon Auction VII

I have time for this last update and then we’ll be ready to auction.

We’ve learned that Peterson Method handwriting is not the greatest skill many of our generous bidders possess. This can be a problem in the Silent Auction, especially when people with similar names are bidding. For instance, this year we have eight Andersons, 15 Johnsons, a bunch of Halls, Hills and Hales…well, you get the idea, I hope.

This year thanks to a great idea from Ruth and Judy, each Bouchercon badge will have a number on it. This is your auction identification number for the Silent Auction. So when you’re bidding, you’ll see a space for your name AND your badge number. Please use this when making a bid on an item. It will make our job a lot easier in identifying the bidders, and it will ensure that you are correctly identified if you are the winning bidder.

This auction stuff is a lot harder than we thought.

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