Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Long Weekend

Blog Number One

Or... what flashed through my head was: Buck, Buck number one from the old Bill Cosby routine. Nevertheless, this is my first blog ever, so I'm approaching it in a stream of consciousness manner and seeing what hits the virtual page.


I completed my year as Rotary president for my club today. At the same time that I'm relieved the year is over and I can relax a little, I think I'll miss the fact of organizing the meetings and guiding the order of events. Of course now I have time for other things.

Instead of traditional Rotary paperweights, etc. , I thought I would present my officers with history books that matched their personalities or distinct characteristics. It was well received. My favorite was the book Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. that I gave to our assistant treasurer who stands about 6'5" and weighs 300 lbs. (?) or so. He's got a heart of gold, though, and although not a big reader, seemed genuinely pleased with the gift.

The Weekend

A quick trip to Borgata in Atlantic City will get the weekend started. Then my wife and I will cart home our winnings in time to watch the Nascar Race at Daytona on TV Saturday night. Go Jeff Gordon! Family will be visiting Sunday and Monday, so I guess I'll have to get the gas grill fired up, which I'm not sure has been started since they were here last 4th of July. Then on the 4th, when everyone is partying elsewhere, I think we'll sit and relax some. As we age, that quiet time seems more and more important.


I think that's enough to start. I'm sure as I write future posts I'll explain where Mugsy's Musings came from. I really started out to respond to another person's blog and thought I needed a sign-on to do that and before I knew it I was setting up one of my own.

Have a Happy 4th, folks, and stay safe.